Alternative Financing Options for Your Business

Many business owners find that they lack the collateral, capital or credit to secure funding through traditional methods such as a bank loan. That is why our team at Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending offers more flexible options, such as purchase order financing. If you want to secure the money you need without sacrificing your equity, consider exploring your options with us.

How It Works

We have vast experience working with resellers, producers, wholesalers and distributors who deal with pre-sold merchandise. Our team specializes in providing Letters of Credit in terms of trade finance as well as production finance when it comes to work in process. We also regularly work with our clients on items such as import and export transactions and purchases in domestic trade.

If you are interested in pursuing purchase order funding, through which you sell your purchase orders for a discounted price, you will notice several benefits, such as:

  • Having the ability to increase your inventory
  • Growing your market share
  • Taking and fulfilling large orders
  • Making timelier deliveries to customers

To determine your eligibility, we do not factor in your credit score or collateral. Instead, we simply base your funding on your purchase orders.

Get Started Today

We enjoy getting to know our clients, and our staff at Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending takes the time to assess your funding needs. Every transaction we handle is customized to the business’ budget. To start exploring your options today, schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our team members today.

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