Creative Options for Your Commercial Financing Needs

Many business owners find themselves in need of funding but struggle with traditional financing methods. Applying for a bank loan typically requires a credit check, long application process and even longer turnaround time. At Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending, we offer our clients a more flexible way to access much-needed cash. With a merchant cash advance, you can efficiently grow your business without going into debt or sacrificing your hard-earned equity.

How It Works

This funding method does not rely on your credit score nor will you need collateral. To secure an advance, you will need to supply us with your future credit card sales. Once we determine the amount for which you qualify, we can send you the money in a week or even faster. There are a number of benefits to working with us to get an advance:

  • There are no closing costs or application fees.
  • We do not require fixed payments.
  • There are no restrictions to how you use the money.

We offer clients flexible payback options, meaning you only make payments as you receive money from your customers. This prevents the stress and worry of structured, regular deadlines.

Get Started Today

Our team believes in providing businesses with a diverse mix of financial products to satisfy the need for capital. To learn more about our services at Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending, simply contact one of our representatives to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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