Healthcare And Medical Financing To Enhance And Grow Your Practice

At Lindeman Commercial Capital Funding, we offer a variety of medical financing options for healthcare professionals, including chiropractors, dentists, doctors and veterinarians. Whether you are starting a new practice or are expanding, updating or maintaining an existing practice, we can help. We offer solutions for working capital, expansion and improvement loans, equipment financing, practice acquisitions and debt consolidation, among other needs.

Working Capital

Our healthcare financing program includes options for practice loans. Medical professionals can use the proceeds of these types of loans for nearly any purpose, including practice expansion, personal needs and debt consolidation.

Medical Equipment Leases and Loans

The purchase of medical equipment is one of the greatest expenses for medical practices. We provide our clients leasing and loan options for acquiring medical equipment. This enables you to get the equipment you need to enhance your practice, without tying up all of your capital.

Practice Acquisition Financing

For qualified healthcare professionals, we offer practice acquisition financing options. This program is the ideal solution for professionals who are buying into a practice, as well as those who are buying out an existing partner.

Debt Consolidation

Revolving debt can overrun a practice. With our resources, Lindeman Commercial Capital Funding is able to provide clients options to consolidate debts, refinancing them into one manageable payment per month.

To learn more about our healthcare and medical financing solutions, and to discuss whether one of our options might be right for your needs, contact us today.

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