Lindeman Commercial Capital Funding’s Equipment Leasing Programs

Many businesses, from small, family operations to Fortune 500 companies, may require business-related equipment in order to operate efficiently and remain competitive in their market, but lack the necessary capital to purchase what they need. For companies in this type of situation, that have been in business for a minimum of two years, Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending’s equipment financing program is the ideal solution. All with fast approval times, we have options available for smaller loans, as well as for middle market and large ticket financing. Certain loans may not require full financial statements for approval.

Our programs include a range of payment structures with a minimal, or no, down payment. We offer excellent loan rates and extended terms for repayment.

Our Lease Options

We are able to provide solutions to help you finance nearly any equipment your business may need. Some of our equipment leasing options include:

Sale and Lease Back

Often, businesses may need working capital to acquire business-related equipment. Our sale and lease back program allows clients to acquire the capital they need by tapping into the equity in the equipment they already own. Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending will purchase your existing equipment and then lease it back to you. You own your equipment again after all of the payments are made.


It can be difficult for companies that are just starting out, or that have only been in business for a short time, to get financing from most financial institutions. We offer solutions to help startups finance the equipment they need to be successful.

B, C and D Credits

The recent economic difficulties have caused many businesses to suffer financially, which has led to business owners damaging their personal credit as well. Our “second chance” program provides a solution to help you rebuild your company.

Government and Municipal Leases

At Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending, we provide guaranteed approvals on leasing financing for all government and municipal entities. We finance a variety of agencies, including state and federal government agencies, libraries, public schools, police departments and firehouses.

Advantages of Leasing Business Equipment with Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending

More and more owners are taking advantage of leasing programs like ours to get the equipment their businesses need without tying up all of their working capital or credit. Some of the advantages of our leasing financing programs include:

  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Protect lines of credit and borrowing power
  • Eliminate outdated equipment without tying up working capital
  • Tax and accounting benefits

Contact our finance specialists to discuss your needs and learn how we can help you get the financing and equipment your business needs.

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