Creative Options for Your Financing Needs

Life is not always predictable. At Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending, we regularly work with clients who are facing unexpected expenses or changes that leave them in need of financing. Our annuity financing program is a new, innovative way of securing the cash you need when you need it most. You will simply sell some, all or part of your annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash. Our team can help you navigate the process.

Why Sell Your Annuity?

Thanks to our industry experience, we understand that you when you are in need of cash, it is important to have flexibility and the guidance of professionals. Our staff can assist you with:

  • Cashing out an inherited annuity
  • Avoiding unnecessary high surrender charges
  • Putting your assets in place in order to transfer them to heirs

We customize every transaction and deliver world-class service, treating each of our clients with respect.

Get Started Today

You can contact us to get a free quote for your annuity. Simply gather as much of the following information as you can:

  • The dates of your first and last payments
  • The name of your insurance company
  • Your policy number
  • How often you receive payments
  • How much each payment is

To get started today, simply contact one of our team members at Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending. We can help you gain access to the money you need quickly.

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