Secure Working Capital by Financing Receivable Accounts

Many businesses rely on the money paid through their client accounts as a source of working capital and overall financial security. Clients that are slow to pay on their accounts or that provide only a small amount on a predetermined billing cycle can make securing this working capital more difficult than it has to be. You can access the money that is already owed you via accounts receivable financing through Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending. This convenient solution offers many advantages over trying to manage client accounts on your own.

Turn Passive Accounts into Active Funding

The money that clients owe to an organization is a form of passive capital; it belongs to you but is not in an active form. Financing receivables is a convenient way of transforming this passive capital into an active source of funding that can be put to work immediately. Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending has extensive experiencing helping businesses access the money that already belongs to them.

Financing accounts owed you has many advantages: 

  • Significant funding is made available all at once
  • Passive accounts are set aside in favor of new ones
  • Non-paying clients are contacted by financial partner
  • AR department can focus on new clients

Discuss Financing With an Experienced Agent

Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending agents offer flexible and personalized financing options to each client. No matter how complex your AR accounts might be, we can help you access money you already have.

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