Broker Referrals Welcomed

Work With Our Outstanding Team:

Our staff at Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending welcomes the chance for anyone to submit a transaction for us to review. We have an industry-leading referral and broker program that boasts some of the best commission rates in the business. When you work with us, you will notice that we value our relationship and keep open communication throughout the process.



The priority is always to find the best financing solution for a client. If you refer someone to us, our staff will work tirelessly to come up with the best plan. There may be times in which we prefer to work directly with your client. With extensive experience in the industry, we have found that direct communication with the business ensures the best possible outcome.

However, regardless of if we fund the deal or not, we make sure that you maintain your relationship with the client. If that individual comes back to us for another transaction, we kindly refer them back to you.



At Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending , we currently have several openings for brokers who are hard-working and motivated. If you think that working with us may be a good fit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like to be able to work from anywhere while using our national identity and financing tools?
  • Would you prefer to work with a company that is growing?
  • Would you enjoy working with a business that is nationally recognized?
  • Would you rather earn more money for your hard work?
  • Would you want to be able to give your clients a diverse mix of financial products?

If you found yourself nodding as you asked yourself these questions, then we would love to talk with you about our opportunities. The job is right for you if you want to broaden your career while working with some of the industry’s most qualified specialists. To learn more about our team at Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending  and explore your options, contact one of our representatives today.




  • Miami Lakes Office (Florida);
  • San Antonio Office (Texas);
  • Riverside Office (California);
  • Troy Office (Michigan);
  • Manhattan Office (New York);
  • Toronto Office (Ontario, Canada);


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