Success Tips for Every Entrepreneur

Monday, 13 July 2015 by

A successful entrepreneur has the confidence to take risks, courage to bounce back from failure, and chutzpah to take an idea and make it reality. When you read interviews with famous people who have started their own businesses, they frequently allude to this particular mindset and have stories about overcoming obstacles and failures before finding

When it comes to your small business, every decision you make has a financial effect. Making the right financial decisions at the right time is critical to your success. Here are some tips on the fundamentals of small business finance.   Understand What’s Happening You don’t have to have a degree in accounting to run

Every small business owner dreams of running a financially stable company. Actually realizing this goal can be a challenge. There are many ways of measuring success, but there are some common elements of financially healthy enterprises that you should strive for.   Total Revenue Growth It seems obvious to say that a profitable company is

If you are the owner of a startup business, then you may be thinking about securing business capital. Before contacting a lender, you should know a few of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make when they try to secure startup business financing. Once you understand these errors, you will know how to avoid making

You are at the bank sitting across the desk from your lender as he riffles through your application along with a medley of financial documentation you were asked to provide. After what seems like hours, he finally glances up at you and slowly moves his head from left to right a couple of times. It

Crowdfunding vs Small Business Financing

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 by

Crowdfunding is in the news. It can be an exciting and hype-generating option for charities and entrepreneurs to raise cash for a project. A business that has a good story, or an intriguing product in development, can capture the public imagination and generate a lot of attention. There are several different online businesses that offer

Those who have had the experience of being a passenger on an airplane know that flying is a very unique experience. The things that a person can see while they are staring out of an airplane window are absolutely breathtaking. It is possible to see beautiful lights from a city, dazzling cloud formations, majestic mountains,

How to Survive Your First Year as a Startup

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 by

You’re ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge and launch your new business venture. In the face of statistics indicating that most startups fail in the first year, this can be an extremely daunting step. However, there are things you can do to give your startup business the best chance of weathering that first precarious year.

The medical industry is an industry that requires a lot of high tech equipment to stay in the game. With the recent advances in technology, the quality of medical treatment has dramatically improved over the past few years. While lower tech equipment may still get the job done, it is going to be difficult for

Construction Financing Solutions

Sunday, 03 August 2014 by

It takes an ongoing stream of cash for a contractor to build custom dwellings for his customers. From dream-sheet to the actual brick-and-mortar building, each stage of the project will take specific tools, equipment, and specialized labor to bring the house to its next level. Because of the unique layering of tasks that must be

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