Your first & last commercial lender for your business needs providing capital to help businesses grow and succeed

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Investor Flipping Program(s)

Let us help you get capital to invest in flipping real estate properties.
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Small Business Loans

We specialize in getting owners like you approved quickly and easily with SBA loans, whatever your financial needs may be.
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Merchant Cash Advances

If you need a way to free up cash for your company, a merchant cash advance may be the ideal solution for you.
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Equipment Leasing

At Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending, we can finance almost any type of business related equipment


All businesses require a solid financial foundation upon which to grow.  Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending has been helping businesses achieve their goals through the provision of sound economic products, expert advice, and financial security.




53 years of combined experience;  There are many things that make us different.   Whether you are a new business just starting out and financing, and existing business that needs growth from as little as 10k to Multi-Million/Billion Dollar Real Project that needs capital; Creative financing: Nationally or internationally finds, we offer a wide range of essential financial products at your finger tips.

We & our partners have financed business capital loans and Commercial Real Estate Projects throughout the U.S.A, Canada and in certain other countries, totaling to a little over 80 Billion of funded transactions, in which over $25 Billion of “Post Credit Crunch” closed transaction.

Whether youare a small or large business seeking OPERATING CAPITAL; START UP CAPITAL; REFINANCING; or REAL ESTATE (purchase & refinancing; National or International), you will get an approval within 4 hours of submitting yur paper work to us.

Our success is in your success!  

Excellent Credit;   Good Credit;    Poor  and or horrible Credit, when Banks say NO”, we say Yes!

Here is a small sample of some of our products & what we can do:

  • We finance loans with a low F.I.C.O score of  544 all the way to “A” Credit Borrowers;
  • BLEMISHED CREDIT = OK. We understand that bad things, life happens to good people. We care about your story, not just what your credit score reflects. You &    your business are more then just a FICO SCORE!
  • Are you thinking about Chapter 11 Business  Bankruptcy or an in Chapter 11 BK?  We can lend you money for your business & get you out of Bankruptcy!
  • Money in your business bank account as little as 15 days; *
  • SBA LOAN closings as early as 25 – 35 days*;
  • STATED Loans, where we don’t care about credit and only look at business!
  • 130% Business loans!
  • Start Ups & Franchise: Great start up capital & expansion loans;
  • Approval as fast as 4 hours, depending on loan product;
  • Competitive Rate(s);
  • Factoring Discounts Loans as low as 1% – 4%;
  •  PPurchase Order Financing;
  •  Equipment Leasing;
  • Asset Based Financing;
  • Structures settlements;
  • Sign On Bonus  Cash Outs For Professional Athletes ( N.F.L., N.B.A., etc)  & Royalty  Buy outs for entertainers;
  • Partner Buy Out Financing;
  • WANT TO INCREASE YOUR SALES within 30 days by 40% ?:     Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending has a unique  B2C product  will just do that for you. Want to be able to move more product/service to  consumers with poor credit that your business had to  denny?  We will Finance them! The Service/ Product offered & or sold to consumers must have a min value of  of $500.00 – $10,000.00. Some Industries that are currently using this unique product are:




…..&  many more industries (too many to mention)

Businesses at every stage of growth require a range of financial services in order to meet their specific goals and prepare for future operations. Securing the financial means of achieving these goals should be a straightforward process that is easy to understand. You can depend on Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending to be the financial partner that makes growth possible.


We work with small, medium, and large size businesses and have a broad portfolio of financial products to provide the capital our clients need. Composed of a group of certified, highly experienced financial professionals, Lindeman Commercial Capital Lending is at the forefront of the commercial finance industry. When your business needs capital, let our experts provide you with the signature service we have come to be known for.


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